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sleep time for me mates. I’ll be on again in a few hours no worries!

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"Hey, I didn’t touch your—oh, y’mean Doodle? C’mon, he’s just having a little fun.”

   ”Ya DO realize that pale fella that ya are he’d prolly think ya like a large canvas. He goes berserk over mah googs already. Ya just a big target mate. Count on a rainbow in ya future.”

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The doe gave a laugh as she was nudged and settled right next to him, rather comfortably on the soft grass. She smiled down at the large bowls, knowing that they would have to take the flowers and carefully pull the petals from each one, careful not to bruise them. It was really a job best suited for does with their delicate touches, but Tama found herself, as usual…in awe of Aster and how carefully he plucked the petals free.

She had gathered one of the large bowls to her, careful paws slipping in to begin the arduous task of separating the petals from their stems. Her claws carefully parted the soft green flesh in a practiced manner that she could never ever forget, allowing the petals to be brushed delicately into the bowl. A smiled had spread over her muzzle, so content in her task she barely caught his words, her ears perking and her paws freezing mid grab towards another plant, bright eyes looking up at him.

"R-really? Ah..Ah wouldn’ want ta cause a fuss or anythin’…" She stammered, looking back down to the bowl, knowing her nose was probably as pink as the flowers she was taking apart.

 ”Whadya talkin’ bout? Not cause a fuss? Darlin’ its SPOSED ta be a big fuss! It’s a special day for young Pookans, comin’ of age. We may not have our kin but we’ve got eachother and - ” he set the pot down firmly in the grass, brushing off loose greenery from the pads of his paws. “We are gonna do it right and best we can.”

Granted, it had been a few centuries for him. Lot of centuries actually, but every one of them remembered their special event. One of many, but the first. “Tell me what ya dam would be doin’. Go on.”

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        “Been a bit of while since I made fresh paint…”


"Little early for eggs, dont’cha think?"

  “Mah paint keeps runnin’ low due ta a certain lil miscreant. Ah’m just keepin’ tha stock up.”

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If you’re ever having a bad day, just watch this tornado of bun.

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having soft hairs; downy; softness.

Etymology: from Latin mollis, “soft” + pilosus, “hairy”.

[Nancy Chiu]

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Explore by Thomas Shahan

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A cold breath on the back of his neck and a teasing tug to the Pooka's ears was the only way Jack Frost could possibly think to announce hims decision to visit. "Heya, Peter Cottontail." The sprite grinned, floating just out of arm's each of the other Guardian.



  “G’day ta ya too ya little Ice Imp.” 

He’d managed to stifle a yelp at the sprite’s quirky way of announcing his presence. The cold breath - he was getting used to. The tug was new however.

   A skeptical look was cast up towards Jack as he brushed his ear. Brat knew how far he could reach in immediate reaction. Damn he was good. “Didja freeze somethin’ I should fix or are ya lookin’ ta have your face painted up like a goog?”

     ”Mhm~" He agreed with a hum, pushing off the ground and floating over the large boulder. He perched on the top, head cocking to the side as he eyed the water.  

     ”Why am I not surprised you want to cannonball." He murmured, shifting to slide down and land next to the Pookan.

      He glanced around, finding a safe place for his staff before tugging his hoodie over his head. The worn, blue thing was hung up on the crook of the wood, before turning back to Bunnymund.
     ”Ill dive. Too hard to land when you got that thing in your hand." He smirked, bent over to tug off the ties around his calves and roll up his pants.image

He shot the staff a thoughtful look, for a brief moment playing with the idea of taking it to see the other’s reaction. Then the worn blue hood descended and he brushed the thought away. Could only lead to frozen fur.


"Staff free, hood free - ya plannin’ ta skinny dip mate?" He joked, laughing in an almost challenging sort of manner. He discarded his bracers beside the bandoleer, now left with nothing but fur, markings and the straps on his feet which he always kept. "Ya do that and I bet Tooth’s fairy’s special ‘Jack’ senses will rock of their ruddy charts."

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Look at that crappy graphic. LOOK AT IT! Anyways, so I made this blog on Thursday and really haven’t done much with it yet but I guess the fandom was desperately in need of a Jamie (though I’ve been seeing a couple other ones popping up) and somehow over the course of a few short days accrued OVER 200 FOLLOWERS WHAT?! So. I figured I might as well do a thing for this. Since this is a pretty new blog, this isn’t gonna be a super huge thing, but know that I am so happy you’re all here. Really. Thank you.

Guardians (fellow fandom peeps)

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(wow there were a lot of you. aaayyyyy! And I’m sure I’ve missed people)

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(Ugh I’m certain I’ve missed some of you, but basically if you’ve ever been on an ff of mine on Elsa, pretend you’re here uwu)

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(Some of you are also following my other blog, but most of you aren’t, and basically I’m really glad you’re here and I get the chance to RP with you. Basically this is me saying omg hi I am shy and haven’t approached you yet/much and pls do the thing with me.)

AND THAT IS IT! I know I’ve missed people, but this got longer than I meant it to so whoops. I love you ALL and thank you for being here, even though I haven’t done a whole lot with this little bugger. Feel free to hit me up for plotting, or memes, or if we\re mutuals we can skype.


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Tama of course had given him a somewhat perplexed look when he spoke of something called ‘Easter’, but she smiled when he explained. “Yer in charge of a whole Holiday? Jus’ yaself?” She laughed and settled down next to him smiling up at him. “Jus’ when Ah thought ya couldn’t get any more amazin’ Asta, y’continue ta surprise me.” The doe looked to the paints and smiled softly.

"Ah rememba paints like these…Ah helped mah mum make them fer th’ buck’s comin’ o’ age ceremony…before th’ Keepa took me away." She trailed her claws along the piles of ingredients gingerly. "Neva got ta have mine…" She murmured, ears lowered a bit sadly. Tama shook the thought away and then smiled to him. "Do ya need some help? Ya’d have to remind me how th’ ingredients are portioned, but Ah think Ah rememba enough t’not get in the way~"

"Tha help would be welcome. C’mon, sidle on up then." He nudged her playfully before inching over. Large bowls before him holding his necessary plants. "Ah’m just seperatin’ right now, then’s tha soakin’ for different time periods. Ah’m sure ya dam showed ya…"

His voice trailed off in his head, barely hearing himself as he mulled over what she’d said. No coming of age ceremony? She’d been that young then. He cast a thoughtful glance her way and the decision came easily. As Tama’s sort of guardian he’d give her what she should have had long ago. “Why don’t we have yours then, eh?”

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