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The Warren


"I wasn’t." 

Not on purpose, at least.

The man hummed, staring at the giant rabbit with curious eyes. There was something familiar about the creature. Not physically of course, Arago didn’t think he would forget anything that looked like him.

The rabbit was a he right? He sounded like a he.

"So ya say that ya sneaked up on me
      accidently then, mate?”

He turned, a thick brow quirked with amusement at the
claim and the stranger’s face. It was not very often he’d
be seen by someone that sounded over the age of ten,
and when he was seen the faces were possibly his
favorite part.

          “So. What’s ya name then?”

H e r e - f o r - y o u



"Are you certain, Aster?" He trusted his friend’s guidance, but if Pitch was trying to encourage him to be as open in their marriage as before… The thought was strange to him, as odd as it had been then. Still, he wanted to show he was capable of changing for the better. He wanted to prove not only to himself, but to his husband.

"Distance… So you believe I should take a break? The idea is sound. Perhaps if I took some time from what is bringing me strain, I can focus on what is important." Mani moved to his feet, taking his cup over to the basin. "This has been an enlightening conversation, Aster. Thank you."

He turned to face the male again. “Aster… I… I have an idea, perhaps a means of finding some semblance of peace, in turn also understanding a part of my life.” Mani cleared his throat. “I was considering living among the humans for a period of time, as one of them. My daughter is out in space, trying to understand the worlds she will one day look over. I wish to understand the world she came from.”


"I realize it is not wise to walk among the humans on my own, s-so I was wondering if you might be willing to join me. That is…i-if you are not busy."

  “Live among tha humans ya say? I ‘spose…it’s not all that bad an idea. In some ways.” It followed along with what he’d advised. Slightly. “Ya still have responsibilities though, right? Wot’re ya gonna do about them?”

"Don’t take me wrong mate, Ah’m all for it. And Ah’d be happy ta help ya work out tha kinks. Ah’ve been down here long enough observin’ and occasionally interactin’ with humans, we’d get along decently enough. Ah’d still have mah Guardian duties and such, so there’d be moments where ya’d be alone but….Ah’m up for it." He offered up a smile, tired but assuring. 

Here it is! Commissions!

So as the rulesy say I cannot do NSFW - sorry! If I feel uncomfortable with something I’ll let you know and hopefully we can still work something out! Refs for OCs would be greatly appreciated but I can work with a detailed description as well. ^^ If you commission me I will send WIP sketches constantly so you can tell me if things need to be fixed and hopefully we’ll get you just what you’re wishing for.

Slots are limited to 10 right now! comeatmebros

Please contact me via ask here or on my personal/art blog foxoon! Seriously guys thank you for even looking at this post. If you can’t commission that is totally okay, I only ask you help me along by signal boosting. ^^

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Milford Sound by (Janice McKenna)

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It’s sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes.
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you know whats better than a mozerella stick?

37 mozzarella sticks

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